SwiftKey X Beta Android Keyboard App

SwiftKey X Beta is a new android app in the amazing Android appstore. SwiftKey X Beta is absolutely free, and works as an alternate android mobile keyboard app.

Why is it in worth mentioning this app? Cause, this is a revolutionary android text prediction keyboard app.

SwiftKey X Beta replaces the by-default on-screen android keyboard on mobile phones working on Android platform. SwiftKey offers options to customize your writing (typing) style. Some features include – enhanced careful typing, advanced predictive text for periodic fast typing. This new android app includes ‘auto correct options’ too. As far as I have seen the various Android apps, SwiftKey X Beta not only just predicts the current word you are typing, but it works on the next word using its pre-set algorithm.

You can very well, call it Android Intelligence.

SwiftKey X Beta features an alternate functionality, where you can assign various key setups on your android mobile. This android app tracks and displays the user’s typing statistics – which includes the user’s efficiency, number of keystrokes, and lots of other data. Last but not the least, SwiftKey Beta X includes the ability to choose between a light or dark theme, and facilitating the user to decide whether you want the arrow keys to be visible for navigation purpose or not.

Hopefully your either using this awesome Android app! Even if you don’t why not give it a try - SwiftKey X Beta | Homepage


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