Double Vision Software Review

Dear Readers,

Here we are at yet another AWESOME and useful application known as Double Vision! To say in short, this application is unique in its approach to ease of the business stress accumulating in-between shifts!

Coming to the Review point-of-view, this application allows you to watch YouTube, Metacafe or surf the Internet while you combat the HEAVY WORK-PRESSURE load! The secret behind this development comes from using Internet Explorer and innovation turning it an online media browser that comes with a feature of going transparent to work from inside "real work", standby applications.

Well, after reading the above you might even think how is to use Double Vision?

Double Vision Software Review
The cool thing is you can actually input data in those spreadsheets and documents all while watching your favorite show or checking out a website. Isn't that cool?

And, that's NOT all! Thinking about extra-quick hiding options?? Look no further!
This baby can hide herself and leave no absolute trace when you press Ctrl+Esc

Double Vision Software Review
Great Features include(that you will most like) is to enable is muting on the Quick Hide key combo. And, of course Double Vision also makes a great tool for stealthily surfing the web while "working".
So, this software is particularly useful for all those workaholics out there who also needs some recreation in between their work.

With Luck and Success to Double Vision, I conclude this Review.

This is the rating(out of 5) I would give to this software:-

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Mikey Garcia said...

hmm... interesting app =)
i'm just wondering how one could hold his or her concentration enough to focus on a task (or tasks) at hand LOLz

Swayam Das said...

We see every software as an art. It is not easy to develop utility softwares. If you think it's that easy create one and show us then!

Good Luck Mikey!

teamoreview said...

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Online Information Technology Blogger said...

I am using this app. and its awesome! :)

Rio 2011 said...

I can say that this is indeed a unique software. I am been using this for a while now and it rocks.

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